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Secure Sensitive Event Content

Applying one or more of the built-in security and privacy controls can further ensure that only your attendees find and access your event content.

Password-Protect Events

Add an additional level of security to searchable events by requiring an event code.

Hidden Events

Hide events so only attendees who enter the unique event code in the search box will see the event name or be able to access content.

Invite Only Events

Only invited users will appear in the attendee list and be able to see other invited attendees.

Locked Icons

Once the user accesses the event home screen, they will need to log in before accessing content behind a locked icon.

Private Profiles

Give your attendees the flexibility to set their profiles to private.

Single-Sign On (SSO)

Control access, authentication, and authorisation to your app and data by requiring your employees to log in using your organisation’s SAML 2.0 supported authentication process.


Meet Industry Standards

Since all industries have their own auditing requirements, the compliance API allows your team to retrieve data when needed.

Your Trusted Partner

Cvent goes beyond the minimal requirements to ensure that data is safe with ISO 27001:2013 compliance, all the while maintaining a historical uptime above 99.99%.

Confidently Meet GDPR Requirements

For over 18 years, Cvent has been committed to protecting the privacy and security of customer and attendee information, including processes and safeguards relevant to personal data. Learn more about Cvent's Privacy Shield and/or EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance efforts..

Privacy Policy/Terms & Conditions

Provide governance with custom Privacy Policies and Terms & Conditions. Attendees must accept governance policy to access event data.