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Easily Keep Your Event Attendees Informed

With schedules, speaker profiles, interactive maps and so much more.

Personalised Schedule

Make it easy and stress-free for your attendees to stay on track and find relevant event content. Build out schedules and appointments on behalf of your attendees, so that on the event day they are where they need to be, when they need to be.

Manage event appointments
Accept invitations to personalized schedule
Notifications and badges for personalized schedule
Filter event app schedules
Add meetings and appointments to your schedule

Build Your Own Agenda

Attendees can create their own event experience by adding sessions and networking events to their schedule.

Push Notifications

Keep attendees informed of important announcements and other key news before, during, and after an event.

  • Appear on the device’s home screen
  • Schedule a series of alerts
  • Segment messages based on attendee type

Conquer Last Minute Changes

No need to drag out your laptop to notify attendees of urgent event changes. Access the CrowdPlanner app directly from your phone to schedule and send push notifications and beacon alerts.

CrowdCompass customer service was on top of everything from the beginning, through the event and after the event.

Joe Ventimiglia

Operation services, Checkers and Rally’s Restaurants

Speaker Profiles

Give your attendees everything they need to engage during a session, including Speaker Profiles and bios.

Interactive Maps

Upload floorplans and city maps, so attendees can easily locate sessions, exhibitors or offsite activities. Maps let attendees zoom in and out and tap on pins to get a short description of the location.


Help your attendees stay organised. Your mobile event app lets them set reminders to attend a session or visit a vendor.