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The New Attendee Experience

Attendees love their phones. They check them over 200 times a day! Use a mobile event app to connect with your attendees and foster engagement in three powerful ways.


The New Attendee Experience

Dynamic Event Guide Showcase your content and make it easily sharable for all your attendees. The Dynamic Event Guide provides a new attendee experience and powers meaningful connections before, during, and after your events.

Connecting with Peers

Networking is one of the top reasons to attend a conference or meeting. Your attendees can use several features to find and communicate with like-minded people.

Connecting with Content

Make it simple for your attendees to actively participate in session discussions with real-time attendee-to-speaker engagement features.

Connecting with Brand

Build brand equity while you have your attendees’ attention. Gamify the event experience with features that deeply connect your attendees with your brand.

Make it easy for your attendees to connect

1:1 Messaging

In-app messaging makes it painless for attendees to introduce themselves. Conversations are saved and are easy to search, manage and retrieve.

Contact Exchange

Exchanging business cards is a thing of the past. With a mobile event app, attendees will share contact information digitally.


Enable your attendees to get the most from their time onsite by scheduling appointments with exhibitors, sponsors or other attendees in advance of the event.

Activity Feed

Allow users to directly connect their social media profiles to your event app for easy posting, sharing, and connecting with other attendees. Activity Feed consolidates and displays social updates in real-time.

Spark Conversations Among Your Speakers and Attendees

Live Q&A

Avoid awkward queues at the microphone during Q&A. Attendees submit questions directly to a speaker or moderator from the app.

Live Polling

Polls add an additional layer of interactivity to get attendees more involved during presentations and trainings.


Gather more impactful and immediate feedback by collecting attendee impressions of your sessions, presenters, or the whole event experience.


Take notes directly within the app and share with other attendees, or export notes to reference later.

Capture Attendees' Attention


Gamification is key to connecting attendees to your event and ultimately your brand. Motivate attendees to explore event content, complete challenges, earn points and badges, and win prizes.


SocialWall lets you curate posts to Twitter and Instagram alongside custom content – and put it all on the big screen at your event.

Grouped Content

Personalize event content and send alerts to distinct attendee groups like VIPs, leadership, and event staff.


Click is the custom, photo scavenger hunt that gets people moving and meeting. Use it to drive interaction with your vendors or as a networking ice-breaker.

Our conference app successfully met our objectives for creating a more engaging and technologically enhanced experience for our attendees.

Jacquelyn Chi

Manager, Strategic Initiatives