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Make the Right First Impression

CrowdCompass by Cvent is the industry’s first mobile event app to provide event organisers with a choice between three completely intuitive event app home screens. Choose the one that best fits the needs of your event.

It all begins with the EventCenter

The easy-to-use content management system for your mobile event app.


Choose from a library of pre-built themes and icon packs or customize your event with graphics, colors, and more.

Custom branding for event apps


Content is king. The EventCenter gives you multiple options to manage your event content, such as attendee, exhibitor and session information, maps, and more.

Event app content management

Event Settings

Customize your event’s security, privacy and social media settings to meet your organisation’s policy requirements.

Customize event app settings

Choose the right homescreen


A mobile event app experience created for single day conferences or meetings where attendees need to quickly access event content and critical app features.

Activity Feed

Is social sharing and attendee engagement your goal? The Activity Feed features scrolling event notifications and attendee posts for a dynamic mobile experience.

Dynamic Event Guide

The ideal way to dynamically showcase content during multi-day conferences. The New Attendee Experience features specific sets of content before, during or after your event.

Custom Branding

Create a mobile event app that’s in line with your brand. Upload your own graphics and icons, customise your color palette, and extend that look and feel to your email templates – for a fully cohesive experience.

Instant Updates

Last-minute changes to activities, exhibitors or speakers? No problem! Updates in the EventCenter sync directly to the app, so your attendees are always in the know.

Multi-Event App

An integral part of any digital marketing strategy, leverage a mobile event app beyond your marquee event. Use a mobile event app for your internal meetings, trainings and company incentive trips to reach and engage your attendees year-round.

Share product announcements and press releases

Collect valuable insights with Surveys

Sell banner ads to sponsors and exhibitors all year long


Don’t lose functionality due to shaky Wi-Fi. Our native app lets your attendees view event content and explore their schedules even while offline on iOS and Android devices.


For those attendees that may still be using Blackberry, Windows devices, or just want to see the event content on their laptop or desktop, an HTML5 version of the app is included.