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Our delegates want your events to be more social. More interactive. More fun.

And now they can be with a CrowdCompass mobile event app powered by smart content technology.

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Smart event app features to engage more delegates

Engage more delegates with smart content.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed gives delegates a social activity feed within your event app that features smart content. Smart content is curated based on how delegates interact with the app. That means delegates get the content they want when they want it. Delegates can also stay on track with upcoming sessions and events through integrated notifications conveniently located at the top of the Activity Feed.


schedule integration

Don't limit your delegates with one-size-fits-all schedules. In today's age, event apps must offer personalised schedules. Provide delegates the opportunity to view a schedule that reflects how they'll experience the event. CrowdCompass makes it easy to include personalised schedules with time-based reminders. Plus schedules set during registration can sync to the event app.

Interactive maps

Make it easier for delegates to navigate your event. Our interactive maps pinpoint session locations, feature hot spot triggers, and hyperlink to additional content.


Create a more personalized and interactive experience for attendees with beacons. It’s easy. Place beacons throughout your event space (think walls, booths, doorways) and then enable smart notifications to be transmitted to attendees who are in range. When an attendee is near a beacon, relevant notifications appear on their phone. Think of it as a smarter way to connect with attendees.


Learn more about Smart Content.

Interactive polling

Create stronger attendee engagement with native polling. Launch in-app polls to instantly find out what attendees are thinking during sessions. Embed real-time results in presentations to create a more connected and more social event experience.

Learn more about Social and pricing.

Year-Round ROI

Multi-event app

One and done. With a CrowdCompass multi-event app, your attendees can download just one app to access all of your events. Think of your event app as their #1 resource for staying updated and involved year-round.

Powerful push messages

Think beyond your big event. Use your new marketing channel to stay connected to attendees with push notifications. Send meaningful reminders, updates and survey links.

Increase sponsorship revenue

Dramatically increase your sponsor levels with year-round engagement and advertising opportunities. CrowdCompass event apps have multiple channels for sponsors to increase advertising impressions and engage attendees further.


Measure your impact

Nothing proves the ROI of a mobile app like hard numbers. With 30+ metrics, your event partners and sponsors will see why CrowdCompass’ year-round engagement tools make it worth it to go mobile.

Learn more about Year-Round ROI.

Flexible controls to match your needs.

Branded, style-it-yourself

It’s easy to create a branded experience using our super flexible platform. The CrowdCompass EventCenter has dozens of pre-built themes and icon packs. Or make it fully your own by adding custom icons and tweaking colors.

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Pick a custom icon pack

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Branded, style-it-yourself

It’s easy to create a branded experience using our super flexible platform. The CrowdCompass EventCenter has dozens of pre-built themes and icon packs. Or make it fully your own by adding custom icons and tweaking colors.

Manage content,
edit on the fly

You're in control of the content at all times. Any content changes you make sync to all users right away. Plus the Event Checklist helps you stay on track so you don't miss important details.

VIP Admin Center

You already have a lot to do. Why spend time updating speaker and exhibitor info when you can empower them to do it themselves? Give sponsors and exhibitors access to create and manage their profiles, images, documents, and more.

Privacy and Security

Customise your settings. Completely hide an event, lock it down, or only lock down specific content within the app. A mobile event app by CrowdCompass lets you mix and match preferences to meet your needs.

An app that works on any device

CrowdCompass is a leader in the industry proving a feature complete experience across all platforms. We create custom native apps for Android and Apple iOS devices, and we support every other device with HTML5.

Find out more about Flexibility and pricing.

Support when you need it.

You’re in control, but you’re not alone.

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