Convention app for a seamless experience

Convention apps can put your convention ahead of the curve. Typically, convention centers are huge. Before mobile convention apps, it was harder to help attendees and improve their experience once they started exploring the premises.

A mobile convention app answers questions your attendees might have while wandering the floor. Are they looking for a specific booth? Want to see who's speaking when? Everything they need or want to know is right on their iPhone, Android, or iPad after they download your convention app.

The fastest way to alert attendees of important updates, an exciting activity, or a limited promotion is through the convention app. Attendees can also send messages to each other. Think about how much better their experience would be if they could connect with people who have similar interests. Mobile convention apps make it much easier for attendees to meet each other and get more value out of the event.

Offering a mobile app for a convention also makes it easy for out-of-town attendees to find hotel info, a good lunch spot, and other nearby attractions. And you know they won't miss out on anything good since you can reach them anytime, anywhere with our native mobile apps.

Ready for a paperless convention? Call us for a demo or chat with us right now if you want to know more about mobile apps for conventions. If you're hosting or managing a trade show, we also have many options for trade show apps. Planning another type of event? Check out the other types of event apps CrowdCompass can create for you.