Conference Apps by CrowdCompass

Why are conference apps so popular? Conference locations can be confusing. The hallways all look the same and no one wants to spend time figuring out what "you are here" means. Making a mobile conference app makes navigating large areas much easier.

Conference apps by CrowdCompass

Real Time Updates with the CrowdCompass Conference App

Your attendees will never again miss a great speaker or session thanks to the handy maps within a CrowdCompass app. Attendees just need to pull out their iPhone or Android - all the content they need is one tap away.

Gain Visibility with Social Sharing

The more sessions and speakers you have, the more likely last-minute changes will occur. A mobile conference app makes sure you're always on top of things and one step ahead. You can send out information quickly to a lot of people via push notifications within the app. When it comes to important updates or exciting offers, your attendees will always be in the know.

Solutions for Attendees and Exhibitors

Your attendees can also help accelerate the popularity of your event through social sharing. Mobile conference apps make it possible to reach hundreds of people through just one person. As attendees share their individual experiences with their networks, your conference will become more visible and continue to make an impact even after its end date.

But when you build conference apps they aren't just for your attendees. You need to keep your exhibitors in mind also. We make mobile conference apps that help exhibitors better connect with attendees through branding, messaging, and meeting scheduling. And what about your conference sponsors? At CrowdCompass, we develop apps for conferences that easily let you showcase those sponsors through advertisements and/or push notifications.

Looking for a mobile app for a conference? Wondering how CrowdCompass can build conference apps or other event apps that meet your specific goals? You won't go wrong with an industry-leading app developer specializing in conference app development. Just call us for a demo. And if you host other events, we also develop mobile convention apps and mobile apps for other types of large events.

CrowdCompass Testimonials

"Our first go around with mobile apps was with a web based app. Learning a lot, we switched to a native app on the second go around and things really took off. App usage more than doubled from our previous year and we created a new mobile sponsorship channel."
- Beth H, NASC

"We decided to use a conference mobile app to match our attendee expectations for ongoing use of cutting edge technologies. Our attendees loved it and it brought in more sponsorship dollars. The app sells itself."
- Alaina, Seattle Science Festival