Educational Conference Mobile Apps

An Educational conference app can be used to educate attendees on topics and trends in a particular industry. Education event apps can also be used to advance the knowledge and skills of students, teachers, and other educators.

CrowdCompass has helped developed mobile apps for educational events all over the world. Whatever your goals are, we can help you meet them. Do you want to be seen as a tech-savvy association? Simply offering an education event app puts you ahead of the curve. Do you want your event to be a more valuable experience? A mobile app for an educational conference allows attendees to directly access relevant information from their smartphones and tablets.

An educational event app can also show your attendees who will be at the event, so they can start networking as soon as possible. If you’re meeting in a large conference center, including interactive maps in your education event mobile app will help attendees navigate to the sessions and speakers they want to see most.

If you want to encourage students to be more involved or educators to interact more, include a game like Click in your education event app. A majority of mobile time is spent socializing and playing games. Click combines both of these aspects to keep attendees engaged.

So, how do you get started on an educational event app for your association? Building a mobile app for an educational event you’re planning is easy when you choose CrowdCompass as your mobile event app developer. Contact us to lean more.