Mobile Apps for Corporate Events

CrowdCompass builds corporate event apps that make your conferences and meetings more awesome.

Your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve made it really easy for event planners and marketing managers to build apps for corporate events. Our Event Center has all the tools you need to launch your corporate event app—along with resources to help you market it successfully. Whether your company has one event or many events throughout the year, apps will be a worthwhile investment.

Your event's attendees’ time is also valuable. Your employees, business partners, and consumers will use your corporate event app because it’s convenient and provides them with relevant information. Everything they need for your meeting—the agenda, presentations, and so on—can be accessed from their smartphones through your corporation’s event app. Plus, event app features like interactive floor maps can help them get where they need to go, and get there fast.

And because we build native apps for corporate events, attendees can access your app without Wi-Fi. They can create their schedules on the plane and read about speakers while in the hotel. During the event, they can use your app to take notes, tweet about what they’ve learned, and network with others.

Don't want certain material in your corporate event app to be public? We understand your need to keep company-related information secure, which is why we offer privacy options for corporate apps.

If you're considering a mobile app for a corporate event, check out this eBook to help you pitch your plan to your entire team.

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