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Success Story

The Tenet Group

Learn how The Tenet Group uses their CrowdCompass mobile event app to reduce no-shows, create a more engaging attendee experience, and increase sponsorship revenue across 100 events per year.

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Amanda Ford

"it's not about replacing the people in the office doing the job, it's about them doing something more important."

- Amanda Ford , Recruitment and Events Manager, The Tenet Group

The Issue

The Tenet Group produces 100 single-day educational events each year at 17 locations across the United Kingdom. These free events provide Tenet members, financial advisers, the opportunity to fulfill the required 21 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) per year. Also attending the events and driving that educational content are insurance companies and fund managers who benefit from educating the advisers about the products and services they offer.

These events make up a significant portion of Tenet's business, so it is vital that advisers come to them for their education rather than go to the competition. With only three dedicated event staff at any given time, it's a big responsibility.

Tenet wanted to show attendees that not only would they receive the best quality education, but that the Tenet experience also far outpaced the competition. Tenet also had to show their sponsors that they could make better connections at the Tenet events and provide the data to prove it, and they had to do all of this without burdening their small event staff with more work.

Increase Event Attendance

The first problem Tenet addressed was their no-show rate. Although it was already below industry standards at just 8-10 percent, Tenet was aiming for a bold 100 percent attendance rate. Because the CrowdCompass app tied into their Cvent registration system and was so easy to set up, the staff had more free time to focus on relationships and marketing to decrease the no-show rate.

Just before each event, the Tenet event staff calls each registered attendee to make sure they have everything they need to attend and to answer any questions they may have. While on the phone, they explain the benefits of using the app and make sure the attendee has installed it and logged in. Having everyone on the app also ensures Tenet can provide their sponsors with the data they need.

This extra personal touch has resulted in 100 percent attendance at over 70% of their events and reduced their overall no-show to an average of 3%.

Foster Engagement

Tenet had to ensure their attendee experience was better than what their competitors provide in order to draw attendees to their events. In addition to the personal touch of the phone calls, Tenet did away with the paper session handouts and instead attached them to the session pages in the app. This way attendees would not worry about losing them. In addition, attaching handouts to the app saved money on printing costs and eliminated the headache involved with making last minute updates.

Through the use of tags and tracks within the CrowdCompass app, attendees could easily find the sessions that would benefit them the most. Because people learn best when they are engaged, Tenet used live polling to get feedback on sessions and to test attendees' knowledge.

Tenet also upgraded their old paper surveys and used the app to collect feedback on speakers, content, and the event overall. As a result of that change, Tenet had the best response rate to date. Now Tenet can instantly see if they are delivering on their promises and make changes in real time when necessary.

The app also enabled Tenet to extend the longevity of the event. Attendees can access information on the app before the event and long after the event is over. Should they forget something they learned, attendees can simply access the presentation, and get speaker contact information, which is a boon to the speaker who wants to make a connection with the attendee.

Drive Sponsorship

Another important goal for Tenet was an increase in sponsorship. They turned to CrowdCompass customer resources and discovered best practices for creating sponsorship packages. Using this information, they formulated their own event promotion packages by bundling assets they already had in place. The in-app banners and branding were icing on the cake.

Not only were they creating appealing sponsorship packages, but they could also deliver the metrics and data their sponsors required. Tenet could show sponsors how many times someone looked at their in-app brochure or advertisement, the results of live polling, and even how many times their logo, banner ad, or splash page was viewed.

In addition to these benefits, Tenet's brand presence on the Apple Store showed sponsors they were dealing with a first-rate organization and allowed Tenet to increase their sponsorship revenue by 20 percent during the first year using the app.

Streamline Tasks

Tenet chose the CrowdCompass app in part because they had already been using the Cvent platform for registration and the two are built to work together seamlessly. When an attendee logs into the app, they don't have to fill out multiple fields of information all over again. All they need to do is enter their name, and they receive a verification code. Content flows from one system to the other so there is no duplication of work on the part of the Tenet staff and changes are a snap.

When they first implemented the app, Tenet took advantage of hands-on customer support, however with so many events in their portfolio it took no time to become event app experts. In addition to the hands-on assistance, Tenet also took advantage of the on-demand content CrowdCompass provides-timelines, tips, and best practices-to help them create an engaging experience for everyone attending.

Tenet views their mobile event app as an additional staff member. Where once they had to go through stacks of feedback forms and manually count up the scores, now it's all done through the app. This digital assistance leaves the human staff members free to focus on what they do well-content, relationships, and promotion.

"When we introduce the app, the insurance companies that we're working with gave us feedback that it's the best app that they've seen."

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