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One10 is a world-leading loyalty and event management company running over 2500 programs around the world each year. Those programs include everything from 20-person executive board meetings, to 12,000 person sales kickoffs, to 60,000 person user conferences. With a portfolio like that, it is not hard to understand technology plays a critical role in their mission.

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“The mobile event app really has changed the way we manage our on-site functions, which is a game-changer.”

- Doug Ortiz, Director of Onsite Operations and Technology at One10

Communication is Key

The CrowdCompass mobile event app is one item in their technology stack that One10 says helps them the most and they wouldn’t think about doing a single event without it. That is because effective communication is crucial and the mobile event app allows them to exchange vital information real-time with the event attendees.

In the old days, information became dated as soon as it was printed on paper. The mobile event app allows One10 to quickly communicate the most up-to-date information with attendees on a device they are already carrying around with them everywhere they go.

Ease of Use

Caroline Hartman, Sr. Business Analyst at One10, reflected on the new skills she was able to pick up when One10 started using the CrowdCompass mobile event app. “CrowdCompass is such a user-friendly product. I had never built mobile event apps before, and I was building apps right away with the support and help from the CrowdCompass team.”

Efficient Integration

One10 takes advantage of many products in the Cvent platform including registration, surveys, CrowdCompass mobile and social wall. Because these products integrate so well together, One10 saves time and resources implementing the systems for their events. That integration also allows them to provide better reporting back to their clients.

Standout Features

Some of the features that were essential to the One10 event team across all events were push notifications, the social wall, content segmentation via group lists, and live polling.

Push notifications are a big part of One10’s commitment to effective communication. We have never heard of an event where last minute changes do not crop up, but that is not an issue at One10 events. Attendees are kept abreast of last minute changes via push notifications. It takes just seconds to notify every participant that a function is being moved inside due to unexpected inclement weather.

For meetings that operate on a need to know basis, One10 can segment event content through the use of groups within the app. Should One10 have a message they only want certain members of the audience to see, they use those same groups to communicate separately from the general audience. Keeping content relevant ensures each attendee remains interested and engaged throughout the event.

However, communication is a two-way street, and One10 wants to involve event attendees in the conversation too. One way they do that is through the social wall feature.

Keeping up with which social networks are most popular in event’s demographic is no longer a struggle. Now attendees can post right to the event app’s social wall even if they do not personally have a Twitter or Instagram account. This also ensures event attendees keep their focus on the event and do not get distracted by their wider social network.

Another way attendees can let their voice be heard is via one of One10’s favorite features, live polling. “I love so many features of CrowdCompass, but live polling is really a hit right now. You can get the pulse of the audience. It’s quick, and it really engages people,” said Hartman.

“Every time we hear of something new at Cvent,  my team comes to my desk saying, ‘oh my gosh, another tool for us’!’ I smile… this was such a good decision we made!  This was SO worth it.”

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Ortiz gets to the heart of the matter saying, “We're a service provider to our clients. We need to make sure the tools that we use to manage their business are going to allow us to be successful and allow them to look good.”

One10 is confident in their choice to partner with CrowdCompass because the mobile event app delivers to their expectations and their clients' expectations.

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