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Success Story

The Association of
American Medical Colleges

Armed with a wealth of interest from attendees but missing brand solidarity, The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) made the successful transition to a single mobile technology solution, helping engage students, professionals, and industry leaders at their annual events.

“Our favorite moment was seeing it all come together for the attendees. We were onsite and could watch the statistics roll in instead of printed programs everywhere. ”

- Alex Chirico, Certified Meeting Planner with AAMC

The Issue

AAMC hosts over 85 events each year that offer healthcare education to the medical workforce with the goal of inspiring professionals to care for the public. Peer-to-peer interactions and idea-sharing are vital components that help drive the success of these meetings, and while AAMC used Cvent’s registration tool and free apps for their events, their planning team recognized the need to substantially improve their attendees’ onsite experience with more engagement. 

Technology had greatly improved AAMC’s planning processes, so Alex Chirico, a certified meeting planner with the association, decided to take their tech-adoption approach a step further. The team at AAMC understood that creating a unified brand is just as important as providing useful content and creating a memorable experience, so they looked to a mobile event app that would effectively tie everything together in a single, accessible tool. With the help of CrowdCompass by Cvent, they centralized their data and developed an all-encompassing brand to meet the goals of their meetings and the association simultaneously.

Why CrowdCompass

The ability to customize each event, and stay on-brand, within the CrowdCompass app was a huge plus for the planners and stakeholders at AAMC. For small meetings and events, they could “customize graphics for individual meetings, so when you’re toggling into an event from within the app, you see consistent graphics onsite, in emails, in branding materials, and in the app itself,” Chirico explains. Individually branding smaller events creates a professional look with a more attendee-centric feel, and not the other way around. Features like push notifications, tips, and checklists helped attendees quickly become familiar with the new technology, and also increased engagement.

Larger AAMC events required the ability to automatically sync data from their website to the app. For meetings with thousands of sessions, the new design made the entire experience seamless.

Planners could enter information into the website and the agenda, and all the content synced directly to the mobile app. Once attendees downloaded the app, new events popped up automatically and made for easy access throughout the year. Event automation simplified everything, from registration to gathering feedback.


Immediate wins included a 75% download rate and 50% savings on printed materials. Planners and attendees both raved about the onsite and online customer service, which helped users navigate the app and sessions, speakers, and floorplans. The integrated technology saved planners upwards of 20 hours per large event, and continues to save time as new events are launched. Users also loved the social media integration, which amplify every meeting’s message, as well as custom graphics that bring new life to the association’s brand.

Going Forward

AAMC has fully embraced the paperless approach to mobile event planning, and it is paying off. They continue to deliver brand consistency across their products, using clearer communication to strengthen their voice and declare their mission. With the help of intuitive, adaptable technology, planners at AAMC are working to enhance the academic medicine community by actively engaging its members and discovering new healthcare knowledge together.

“The best part isn’t even the time saved, it’s the peace of mind. ”

- Alex Chirico,Certified Meeting Planner with AAMC

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