FAQs – Event Smartphone Apps

CrowdCompass is often asked to explain the trends and benefits of event apps for conference organizers and event organizers. Below are answers to common questions about smartphone apps, specifically related to events. If you have a smart phone app question that's not listed below, just contact us. We'll answer you directly and also update our event app FAQ.

Frequently Asked Smartphone App Questions from Event Organizers

  • What’s the difference between Native vs. Web Apps?
  • When you download a smartphone native app, all of the event info is right on your phone; it can be modified or updated without getting on the web. Although many places have Wi-Fi nowadays, conferences can be notorious for having an unreliable Internet connection. Imagine all the hard work, time, and energy you put into a conference; a native smartphone app for an event ensures quick, reliable access to all your content–regardless of Internet connection.
  • Are push notifications important?
  • Push notifications offer easier ways for you to communicate with your attendees and give sponsors new marketing channels to help them quickly form connections with potential customers. As long as the user has the app on their phone, you can reach them anytime, anywhere. You can pre-schedule your push notifications to better target your attendees, or sponsors can send out last-minute offers to excite your attendees.
  • How can I leverage a smartphone app to increase sponsorship?
  • A mobile app delivers measurable results. Sponsors can include an in-app banner, logos, promotions and more. Having a splash page ad is another good way to get the attention of attendees. A mobile app will track impressions and clicks so sponsors can see which marketing strategies were effective and which ones need improving.
  • How can I make my smartphone app more fun for event attendees?
  • Adding a game like Click to your smartphone app has been shown to promote customer engagement and improve customer loyalty. It can promote friendly competition between attendees and drive them to interact with more people at the event, including exhibitors and sponsors.
  • What is gamification?
  • Gamification is a growing trend that uses game-like concepts in a non-app game. It gives your attendees an easier way to network and creates a more interactive experience.
  • What percentage of attendees use event’s smartphone app?
  • As smartphone usage increases, more and more people are becoming familiar with apps and expecting them at events and conferences. When marketed properly, CrowdCompass clients have seen 80-90% of their attendees download the event mobile app. Check out oureBook to learn how you can achieve this kind of download rate.
  • Can I afford a smartphone app for my event?
  • Total mobile ad revenue increased by 180% in 2012 to reach $4 billion (eMarketer). As more companies realize the value of going mobile, the budget will continue to increase. Mobile event apps are typically cheaper than printing brochures and event guides, making them a cost-effective solution. Plus, in-app advertising allows sponsors to connect with customers, increase brand loyalty, and drive new business. Based on your advertising fee, your sponsor could potentially offset the cost of your mobile event app.
  • How will an app make my event more popular?
  • An event smartphone app means a better experience for attendees. All the info they need is on a device they already carry around all the time. More people are using mobile apps to access Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; this makes it really simple for attendees to share everything that goes on in your event with their entire network.
  • Why should I choose CrowdCompass for my event smartphone app development?
  • CrowdCompass is the #1 mobile app developer in the event industry. We've worked with thousands of clients to create custom-branded apps for events, conferences, conventions, trade shows, and meetings. Whatever your goals are, we can help you meet them. CrowdCompass by Cvent offers an all-in-one solution, so now you can rely on one provider for all of your event needs.