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CrowdCompass Launches Event App Platform to Drive Attendee Engagement Before, During and After Events

New Platform Offers Intuitive Approach that Allows Corporations and Associations to Easily Create Multi-Event Apps and Social Network Synchronization

McLean, VA and Portland, OR – February 26, 2013 – Mobile apps have become essential for driving engagement and success at corporate meetings and conferences. Corporate meeting and event attendees are demanding mobile apps that will enhance their experience, enable sharing and social engagement, and add convenience with access to maps, agendas, presentations, and more at the tap of a screen. CrowdCompass, the business event mobile app division of event technology leader Cvent, is meeting these fast-growing needs with the launch of its new Event Center. This innovative app development platform makes creating event-specific native apps quick and easy for meeting and event organizers – without requiring any specialized skills or expertise.

"Mobile apps are revolutionizing engagement at corporate events," said Dave Shanley, co-founder of CrowdCompass. "Demand for event apps is set to explode in 2013, and the new Event Center will help corporate event organizers build powerful, robust native apps on their own. Native apps like these make corporate events much more shareable, social and interactive, solving for the long-standing challenge of driving engagement beyond an individual event."

CrowdCompass Event Center – A New Way to Create Native Apps

The Event Center is designed to make it easy for non-technical professionals to build event apps and entice attendees to use them, and will drive event app proliferation. Event Center’s key new features include:

For Organizers For Attendees
Multi-event app: add multiple events within a single app; greatly reduce development work for creating related apps for different events Social sharing: Attendees can simultaneously post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
Create branded events: Customize your theme, icons, and colors Social login: Log in with your email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ account. Our system lets attendees easily sync their schedules, information, and other content across multiple devices.
Expanded app metrics: Get detailed reports of activity within your app Two-way contact exchange for networking: Attendees can share and request contact information.
Interactive map creator: Easily create interactive maps with key points of interest, and link locations on the floor map to sessions or exhibitors for simpler navigation. Improved scheduling: Attendees can set reminders for activities they want to attend, and block out time for personal appointments
Preview: Preview your events directly on any mobile device before publishing live to the app. Interactive maps: Features new search capabilities and filters for activities you’ve bookmarked

“Mobile apps are becoming essential for corporate events,” said Brian Ludwig, vice president of sales, Cvent.“Virtually everyone attending a corporate event or trade show has a mobile device, and they are likely to have it with them at all times and to rely on it for information. There is a tremendous untapped market in native mobile apps that can deliver an immersive experience at corporate events, and we are very optimistic about the opportunity to expand our market leadership position.”

Why Use Native Apps for Corporate Meetings and Events?

The high cost and long development cycle of web-based apps has kept adoption relatively low, but recent advances in native app development allow organizers to create customized apps quickly and cost-effectively. Native apps have many inherent benefits compared to web-based apps. For example, they do not require Internet access to function – a big advantage because getting online is often challenging at large venues where coverage can be spotty and thousands of attendees can cause congestion on wireless networks.

Native apps are also more secure because they don't need to connect through the Internet once they have been downloaded, more capable because they can interface with mobile device features like cameras, and more interactive because organizers can push news and notifications directly to attendees.

With CrowdCompass and sister division CrowdTorch, Cvent’s consumer event apps platform, Cvent is the worldwide leader in the mobile event app sector with a combined total of more than 4 million downloads. Since being acquired, CrowdCompass is now the largest mobile app developer in the event industry, as well as the leading event app publisher in the App Store, and recently published its 1,000th native app.

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