Why Do you Need a Custom Meeting App?

Meeting app development is nothing new. Building excitement before a business meeting isn't easy. While some people attend but don't participate, others avoid them altogether. A mandatory meeting might be pre-judged as boring or a waste of time.

Mobile meeting apps can solve this by boosting attendance and involvement. Attendees no longer need to spend time sifting through emails to remember the agenda. They can access all of the meeting materials directly from the meeting app on their iPhone, iPad, or Android. Adding an in-app game like Click can spark more introductions between attendees, drive friendly competition, and make the overall experience a lot more fun.

A mobile meeting app can also track attendance and show you which activities are interesting and engaging. Having this insider information can help you improve the overall experience and make your meetings a lot more efficient. Want even more fast feedback? You can send out polls and surveys within the meeting app.

Think about all the papers you print before a meeting. Then think of all the re-printing you do. Now imagine not having to do that anymore. A mobile meeting app means no more of your energy, time, and resources wasted. Plus, if you need to let people know of last-minute changes (like a changed location), a mobile meeting app makes it easy to send out alerts to a lot of people at once.

Bonus: More than 80% of meeting professionals already use smartphones and tablets at work, so they'd know exactly what to do with a mobile meeting app.

For planners and organizers who deal with other events besides meetings, CrowdCompass also develops a wide range of event apps, like apps for trade shows, apps for conventions, and apps for conferences. For development information, FAQs, and more resources to help you in your decision making process, please visit our mobile app resources page.