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Apple Pie: 10 Ingredients to an app your attendees will love

Ready to become a top chef?

Here are 10 main ingredients that when mixed together will increase app downloads and make your event an oh-so-delicious digital experience.

Learn easy-to-use strategies like gamify, incentivize. Discover practical ways to attract early adopters and get hot tips from seasoned event planners who know their way around the planning kitchen.

Chapter 1

Build Hype

Build hype around your mobile event app before it has even launched.

Chapter 2


Get the word out and jumpstart app adoption with these proven tactics.

Chapter 3

Get Early Adopters

Identify influencers who will champion your app and provide vital feedback.

Chapter 4


Game time! Use gamification to engage your attendees and make your event unforgettable.

Chapter 5


Who doesn’t love prizes? Increase downloads by offering prizes and exclusive content to app users.

Chapter 6


Your attendees will get the most out of the app when they know how to use it – so show them!

Chapter 7


Relationships are everything - help your attendees build industry relationships by creating a social-friendly event.

Chapter 8

Go Green

Save trees, save money, and save yourself hassle by going digital. We’ll show you how!

Chapter 9


Design a custom experience for your attendees with personalized content and categories.

Chapter 10

Make it year-round

Stay on your attendees’ phones and build excitement year-round by creating a mobile event app.

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