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Measure Attendee Engagement in Real Time

Track, measure, and analyze attendee engagement in real time with a custom mobile event app from CrowdCompass.

Demonstrating the success of your mobile event app is easy!

CrowdCompass supports your success by collecting data and providing a metrics dashboard with easy to read reports, graphs and charts you can use to illustrate your event’s impact towards those goals.


Success begins with setting goals for your event that align with your organization’s business objectives.

100+ Metrics

Your reporting is only as good as your data. Fortunately, CrowdCompass automatically tracks and displays over 100+ distinct metrics in real time.


Analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) by reviewing push notification activity, detailed page views, viewed content counts, the number of activities added to personal schedules, and more. You’ll confidently know where you stand relative to your event goals.

Analyze data with metrics dashboard

Our conference app successfully met our objectives for creating a more engaging and technologically enhanced experience for our attendees.

Jacquelyn Chi

Manager, Strategic Initiatives, Culinary Institute of America

Survey & Poll Reporting

View and survey and poll results as they are submitted. Plus, filter survey responses by session, organizer or speaker to quickly share feedback.

Live survey and polling results