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New Attendee Experience

Market your event content, engage attendees, and collect feedback easily and seamlessly from the home screen of your event app. Cvent powers the industry's only event app that automatically changes the attendee experience based on the chronological stage of your event.

Build Excitement Before Your Event

Feature new presenters and announce important sessions in real-time to excite and inspire attendees. Use your event app as a marketing tool to showcase the event’s program and headline your top speakers!

The Fast-Track to Important Content

Once the event is underway, the home screen will transform into the industry’s fastest event app navigation system. This means engagement tools like Q&A and Polling are only a click away. Important event app module links that require highlighting are displayed on the home screen. The app not only shows attendees what’s going on now, but also what sessions are next and how to get there.

Wrap it Up

The event is over and your attendees are headed home. Why not provide them with a personalized summary that captures their journey through your event? It is also a great time to launch the post-event survey from the main screen. Since it’s a single click away, it will mean high return rates!

Here are some of the exciting features that can be launched from the home screen of CrowdCompass’s New Attendee Experience:

Event Countdown

This countdown clock builds excitement for your event by showing the days minutes and hours until your event starts.

Sponsor Banner Ads

Displays your banner images. Each banner is still shown for the specific amount of time you've set before rotating to another image.

Featured Speakers

Build excitement for your event by featuring select speakers. Perfect for marketing your event program and showcasing special speakers. Displays up to three featured speakers at a time.

Featured Sessions

Feature important sessions that are of value to your attendees to gain greater visibility and boost enrollment. Displays up to three featured sessions at a time.

Featured Sponsors

Display a list of featured sponsors to increase the value out sponsorship packages and place logos front and center of the app where it can be clicked on by interested attendees.

Configurable Quick-Access Icons

Shows your top four navigation icons and displays them directly beneath your Event Info and Banners

Happening Now

Displays the current session and its engagement features:

  • 1 Click Link to Polling
  • 1 Click Link to Q&A

Up Next

Presents the next session in the attendee’s personal schedule and includes a quick link to Wayfinding.

Recent Session

Recent Session Provides a quick link and reminder to fill out the session survey immediately after the session has ended. Boosts fill-out rate and attendee engagement.


After the event has ended, a notes section appears showing the last three notes saved in the app and gives the option to view or export the entirety of their notes for convenience.


Attendees get even more value out of the app by receiving this reminder to view and export contact information they have exchanged with other attendees during the event.