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Finding the right place and the right time to contact your attendees doesn’t have to be serendipitous. Beacons by CrowdCompass let you set personalized alerts that attendees receive based on where they are standing, at the exact moment they get there. Magical, right?

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A smarter way to engage event attendees.

Beacons: Wireless devices that broadcast tiny radio signals your smartphone can receive and interpret using Bluetooth low energy (BLTE) technology.

Step 1

Set up beacon alerts

Start by creating a personalized experience for attendees with four beacon alert options. Plan ahead and create alerts long before the event starts.

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place beacons img
Step 2

Place beacons

Mount beacons in key locations – from the welcome table to exhibitor booths and session rooms, incorporating beacons is easy.

Step 3

Sync alerts with beacons

Now it’s time to sync your alerts with your beacons. User our dedicated mobile app to quickly activate your beacons.

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Step 4

Attendees receive alerts

Attendees receive personalized alerts when they come within close proximity of an activated beacon. For example, when attendees approach a beacon mounted on the breakfast bar a welcome alert is triggered.

Success with beacons

Leverage beacons to ensure attendees see what you want them to see when you want them to see it. Here are a few examples:

Hello and goodbye

Connect with attendees as soon as they arrive. Have a beacon on the registration table trigger an alert like, “Welcome to OrangeCorpWorld15.” Don’t stop there. Use the same approach at the end of the event. Trigger a thank you message with a call to action that prompts attendees to tap on a link to your website. “Thanks for attending! Don’t forget to sign up for our next event at”

Can I have the presentation?

A great speaker can energize and engage attendees. More often than not attendees want to get their hands on that inspirational presentation right away. Instead of hoping they navigate back to the session page, place a beacon in the doorway so a notification is triggered as soon as they enter the room. Link attendees directly to the session page where they can access the presentation file.

Don’t forget!

Worried about people showing up for the big welcome party? Use beacons to remind attendees. Place a beacon at the site of your reception, so attendees receive reminder alerts when they pass through. “Don’t forget! Come back to the Ballroom at 8 p.m. for the Welcome Reception.”

A return on beacons

Monetize beacons while setting exhibitors up for success. Offer a mounted beacon at select booths making it possible to trigger action-based alerts as attendees explore the booth. “Stop by the Orange Corp booth and enter to win an iPad!”

Follow us

Encourage attendee engagement that extends beyond your event. Set up a beacon at the information booth that triggers a “Follow Orange Corp on Facebook” alert when an attendee stops by.

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icon keep it simple

Do it all or keep it simple

Your event app can include as much content as you’d like. Add a schedule with a list of activities and sessions; detailed info about speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors; maps of the venue and local attractions; Click the photo game and more.

icon on track

Stay on track

Building your app in the EventCenter is easy and intuitive. The Event Checklist and Navigation Tool help you stay on track so you don¹t miss any important details. Whether it¹s new updates or last-minute changes, you¹re in control of the content at all times.

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Many events, one app

Planning more than one event? You don¹t have to go through the process of developing an app for each event, conference, or corporate meeting. With our new multi-event app, it¹s faster for you to create and publish multiple events within a single app.