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Attendee Messaging in Action

Make it easy for attendees to interact during your event and long after.

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Beacons in Action

Grab attendees' attention at the perfect moment, in the perfect spot.

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Lead Retrieval in Action

Connect exhibitors and sponsors with prospects through mobile lead retrieval technology.

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Polling in Action

Enliven your audiences and presentations with interactive attendee polling.

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What's in Your Top Five?

What are your top 5 event goals?

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Under the Hood of Mobile Event Apps

Look under the hood of our customers' most successful mobile event apps.

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Mobile App Walkthrough

Curious how a mobile app could transform your next event?

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What’s Your Planner Personality?

What's your event planner personality? Find out now!

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CrowdCompass Demos

Get answers to all of our mobile app questions.

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CrowdCompass Blog

Stay on top of what's hot in mobile.

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The Route to ROI

Nothing proves mobile ROI like hard numbers. But what about a return beyond the metrics?

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The Event Planning Landscape

Get the lay of the event planning landscape with a behind the scenes look at what it takes to produce an excellent event.

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Top 10 Myths of Mobile Event Apps

Tackle the 10 most common myths surrounding mobile event apps.

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Feeling is Believing

How to use mobile to bring your attendees together through a one-of-a-kind experience at your event.

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Mobile Apps for Events: Now it's Personal

How to use mobile to bring your attendees together.

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Mobile Apps: The New Event Essential

Use mobile to create a more connected and engaging experience.

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Mobile App Marketing Playbook

Learn how to promote your event and boost attendee adoption.

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How Event Producers Are Using Mobile Apps to Drive Success

How mobile event apps are impacting the event industry now and in the future.

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The Mobility Effect

How mobile event apps are impacting the event industry now and in the future.

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7 Ways to Monetize Your Mobile Event App

Find out how a mobile app can engage leads, build awareness, and increase ROI.

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Why Go Mobile? Tips From an Event Planner

A CrowdCompass customer recaps his app experience and why it was successful.

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Mobile: The New Oxygen for Events

Learn how to breathe new life into your meetings, conferences and events.

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Catching the Mobile Wave

Use mobile event apps to meet your event goals.

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Rent iPads for your event

Rent iPads with your event app pre-installed.

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Smartphone App FAQ

Frequently asked questions about smartphone trends and mobile apps.

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