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Lead Retrieval

The antiquated lead gathering model used at event after event has been replaced by something easier and more cost effective. Event organizers no longer have to worry about renting and distributing equipment and wasting time managing leads gathered at their events.

In the video below, see how Lead Retrieval by CrowdCompass offers a streamlined, affordable process that saves planners time and puts the control in the hands of exhibitors.

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Gathering leads has never been so simple

Streamline the process

Empower exhibitors and sponsors to leverage their smartphones or tablets—devices they use daily—to gather leads at your event.

Team members can be designated to collect leads but the exhibitor always retains ultimate control of leads that have been gathered.

lead tracking
native experience

A native experience

  • All leads are stored on the phone and uploaded once connectivity is regained.
  • Scan QR codes and barcodes from badges.
  • Or use the customized “My Badge” feature in each and every attendee’s app.

“CrowdCompass customer service was on top of everything from the beginning, through the event and after the event.”

– Joe Ventimiglia, Checkers and Rally’s Restaurants
icon keep it simple

Do it all or keep it simple

Your event app can include as much content as you’d like. Add a schedule with a list of activities and sessions; detailed info about speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors; maps of the venue and local attractions; Click the photo game and more.

icon on track

Stay on track

Building your app in the EventCenter is easy and intuitive. The Event Checklist and Navigation Tool help you stay on track so you don¹t miss any important details. Whether it¹s new updates or last-minute changes, you¹re in control of the content at all times.

icon app

Many events, one app

Planning more than one event? You don¹t have to go through the process of developing an app for each event, conference, or corporate meeting. With our new multi-event app, it¹s faster for you to create and publish multiple events within a single app.